Despite a decreased number commuter aircraft operations at Airport SNA the Orange County CA  based airport is forecast to attract arriving and departing passengers  at the Southern California airport CA , travel industry analysts forecast an escalating number of passengers flying in the southern hub of California.  With its convenient parking, well rounded dining options the number of air craft take-offs has grown. In lieu of Airport SNA’s  simple parking,  new terminals and a bevy of other conveniences, flight statistics for theOrange County Airport (SNA) has been spotty.

According to flight stats reports released by the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) flights were down by almost 3% in June 2011. In contrast to the previous year.

Over all the Airport SNA severed flights for commercial air craft opeation, commuter aircraft by 1.1 percent and 20.6 percent respectively to June 2010.

Some analysts attribute the plummet in flights to the John Wayne Airport construction that’s been in operation for more than a year. Currently, the Orange County Airport (SNA) shuttles some 9 millions passengers, spanning 10 major airlines to and from 20 non-stop destinations from United States as well as Canada.

In other flight statistics surrounding the Orange County Airport, industry reports say that Airport SNA  expansion comes at a time when many airline carriers are cutting flights. Other rumors  indicate that the airport’s terminal waiting list is shorter than ever.

As talks of the Ontario Airport and Los Angeles International Airport parting ways, some analysts speculate that the landing field may be leveled for Airport SNA.

When you travel to Southern California, which airport to prefer to book your arriving and departing flights: Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) or Airport SNA)?

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