(SANTA ANA, CA) Holiday travel is virtually idyllic at the SNA Airport, when compared to the chaos seen at other major airports on the West Coast, such as Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and Seattle Washington Sea-Tac Airport, Since the completion and new addition of Terminal C, the airport’s official expeditiously opened up Terminal C for passengers on November 20, 2011. This means that the SNA airport, serving 9-million travelers per year, was able to conduct a soft open to smooth out any kinks.

For Southwest Airlines and Frontier passengers this alleviated the hassle of checking in a Terminal B and then crossing over to Terminal C to board a flight at John Wayne Airport CA. With Terminal C open at the Airport SNA, this translates into a streamlined check in. The same was true for arriving passengers, where baggage was at carousels 5- 7.  Travelers also had the option of parking at parking structure B2 or the new parking facility of Terminal C.

What is the address of John Wayne Airport California?

Thomas F. Riley Terminal 18601 Airport Way Santa Ana, CA 92707

Prior to the heaviest travel season of the year, there was speculation that it would take some time for airport SNA officials to have Terminal C operating in time for the holidays.  On the contrary,  SNA Airport managed to impress arriving and departing travelers.

Yet as the SNA airport formulates numerous strides and advances, there is speculation that the Santa Ana based airport will soon offer additional international departing flights.  Currently, the SNA Airport hosts travelers departing to British Columbia, Canada.

As is evident in Southwest Airline’s recent acquisition of AirTran, which currently has flights departing from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) airlines headed to Cabo San Lucas and Puerta Vallarta, individuals familiar with the situation indicate that Southwest may move those flights to the SNA Airport.

In present day, the drawback for residents of Orange County has always been the trek to  LAX for such flights. However, for LAX this would be a loss at a time when the AMR Corporation, American Airlines parent company just filed for bankruptcy protection.

In spite of Southwest Airline’s merger, coupled with Airport SNA expansion, along with flights departing to Calgary and Vancouver on a daily basis,  the SNA airport is bracing for additional international flights. Perchance, Australia will return to the airport’s travel itinerary.

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