The scene from the classic slapstick comedy movie “Airplane,” where all the passengers line up to accost a panic stricken passenger from having a meltdown, could never happen with the take-offs at Orange County John Wayne Airport.

Namely, the 5701 square foot runway of Orange County California holds North America’s record for the shortest runway. By the time an aviaphobic (person who suffers from flying)  has a chance to respond to the expeditious surge in the air, there’s no time to respond as one’s stomach does back flips and cartwheels.

Yet once the expert pilots, whom transport airline passengers in and out of SNA Airport reach the appropriate altitude,  the take off is enough to rehabilitate an aviaphobic that flying is not such horrifying ordeal after all.

But, Orange County Airport did not make Travel Leisure Most dangerous Runways in the world. In comparison to the airports of La Guardia, Newark, Reagan and Paro airports, commercial planes at SNA airport take off full throttle with precisely timed landings.

At Newark, Reagan and La Guardia commercial airline pilots have to be aware of intersecting runways, the Pentagon and other runway distractions.

Despite the abbreviated runway at Orange County John Wayne Airport, the airport is not nearly as terrifying as flights arriving or departing from Bhutan at the Paro Airport, nestled in the Himalayan Mountains.

An article published at, documents that “Only eight pilots are
qualified to land
 at the Paro Airport. Daylight is the only time when flights are authorized to land or take off.

And while, SNA runway is over 1000 ft. shorter than the Paro Airport, pilots  do not have to navigate statuesque 18,000 foot high peaks or abodes situated mountainside to land in the  Orange County John Wayne Airport -safely.

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