(SANTA ANA, CA)   If the late actor, John Wayne were alive, the legend would most likely be proud about the security operations of the Orange County Airport. From the staff that serves and protects The Santa Ana airport chronicles more than 24-months of low crime and professional security,

As the Southern California airport, serving more than 9 million passengers,  implements the finishing touches of its renovations, flight statistics indicate a moderate shift in passenger traffic at SNA airport  low crime and decent security.

For the last two years–as the Orange County Airport underwent an expansion renovation project. At the same time, airport officials have  been tracking all crime statistics and incident reports at the SNA Airport.

Data aggregated by the Orange County Sheriff’s office in 2010 illustrates an airport with very little crime. Statistics documented 314 suspicious circumstances in 2010.  In 2010, there were not any documented rapes, robberies and and only five burglaries. The  Transportation Security Administration confiscated 57 weapons at the SNA security checkpoint.  (That’s just merely  1-weapon a week).

The staff of the Orange County SNA Airport is comprised of Captain Mike Hiller, a lieutenant, six sergeants, a dozen deputy sheriffs and 85 sheriff’s special officers.

The SNA Airport also maintains a special unit with a team of explosive detectives that includes the support of canines Cyril, Rico and Goldie. Throughout the week, the two units conducut random baggage searches to check for detonating compounds and narcotics.

Yet despite the modicum of safety and security at the Orange County Airport, December 2011 statistics show some declining numbers and a shift in the SNA Airports’ operations. As is the case of commuter aircraft operations dropped 3.6 percent while the number of air cargo tons soared by 16.4 percent. Moreover, the number military operations jumped by 3200 percent in comparison to December 2011.

However, the  statistical data showed an extortionate number of moving and parking citations: 727 and 1516, respectively.

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