(ORANGE COUNTY –  CA) The positive reviews seen on Twitter and Facebook  regarding the security checkpoint of  Orange County, California’s Airport SNA indicate a pleasant atmosphere diametrically different from the complaints documented at the Los Angeles Airport (LAX). But with word leaking out about the cordiality of SNA airport in Santa Ana, CA speculation suggests a hectic travel and tourism year, which may influence security.

HotelNewNow, an online publication is forecasting a 4 percent jump in global travel and tourism.  With Orange County’s recent makeover and convenient shuttle service from John Wayne International Airport to Disney’s Magic Mountain,  there is speculation that more families will be shuffling through the Airport SNA’s checkpoint this year.

As last year’s YouTube video of a toddler being poked and prodded by a TSA agent remains a viral phenomenon on the waves of the Internet; and, while the father, who captured the uncomfortable footage, hopes to create awareness  of  the infringement of personal privacy, the TSA procedure for checking children suggests that the security evaluationwas not out of the ordinary.

The  U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) continues to fine tune its checkpoint procedures,  passengers should know that Airport SNA  also requires passengers leaving the country to have a passport.

According to the terms of security checks, TSA agents have the authority to probe and patdown children, who remain in a stroller sling or other seated device. Nonetheless, the terms of getting through Airport SNA or any other U.S.airport indicate that TSA agents are within the right to search children, seated in  a stroller.

Moral of the story: Plan ahead by reviewing the security checkpoint details at the TSA.gov or SNA aitport website. Try to allow at least two-hours before flight take offs and perhaps allow children to walk through the x-ray machine when possible.  (This does not mean that a TSA agent won’t  execute any groping tactics).

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