Are Snow Globes – A carry on no-no at SNA Airport?
Among the maze of regulations and travel stipulations at  SNA Airport and other U.S. airports, snow globes are banned carry-on items. The problem with the airport security measure is that globes filled with water are often sold at gift shops, namely airport souvenir concessions. Perhaps, the Transportation Security Administrative maybe stationed  at any of  the concourses — ready to apprehend any traveler caught purchasing a snow globe at the John Wayne International airport.

What are the SNA Airport security measures for disabled and medicated airline passengers?
Post 9/11,  physically disabled travelers, suffering from a medical condition have to plan ahead for flights departing from SNA Airport. The TSA mans a call center of sorts, dubbed the TSA Cares helpline, where representatives answer questions from 6 a.m. – 6 p.m (PST).  Agents should be able to respond to concerns, pertaining to boarding a flight with a prescription; accessing security checkpoint in a wheelchair to the policy for airline passengers, wearing a cast. 855.787.2227.

Allow more time at the SNA Airport security checkpoint.
With the next tier of construction underway at SNA, airport officials advise passengers to allow more time to park, check in and get through the security checkpoints. From now through December 2012, a seismic retrofitting project is taking place on the lower level or the arrival entrance of John Wayne International Airport.

Is pre-security screening coming to SNA Airport?
For frequent business travelers, many are hoping that the TSA Pre?™, initiative will ultimately make its way to SNA.

Twenty-eight other U.S. airports are slated to implement the passenger pre-screening program. Even airports comparable in size to SNA Airport, such as : Ted Steven Anchorage, Charlotte Douglas International Airport and Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport (SJU) plan to institute the TSA Pre?™ programs. The only drawback is that the pilot program is being offered through three major airline carriers via specific international US airports. At the Los Angeles and Nevada airports. American Airlines is test driving the initiative.

Do you think SNA Airport should participate in the TSA Pre™  program?

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