(Orange County,California) From one to eight million, the data and  facts  illustrate those of a flourishing airport. Review the following number based statistics pertaining to the Orange County Airport.

>> One

There is only one statue of John Wayne,, commemorating   the late, legendary actor at the  John Wayne International Airport .

>> Two

Two eateries live outside the security checkpoints a t Orange County Airport. The names of these pre-security restaurants are La Tapenade Mediterranean Café and and Zov’s GRAB-AND-GO.

Also, two runways accommodate both commercial and aircraft flights.

>> Three

SNA Airport has three departing terminals: A, B, and C. There are also three Starbucks at all three terminals.


>> Four

The Orange County California airport goes by four monikers:John Wayne Airport (JWA), SNA Airport,Orange County Airport and John Wayne International Airport.

>> Five

Five parking lot fixtures reside atJohnWayneAirport, A1, A2, B2, and C.


>> Eight

In lieu of some of the recent mergers in the airline industry, eight commercial airlines serviceJohnWayneInternationalAirport. AirTran Airways, Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Delta Connection and WestJet, board at terminal A. At Terminal B, United Airlines, US Airways, US Airways Express (Mesa). Terminals C is home to Frontier Airlines and Southwest Airlines

>> 14

Fourteen food concession stands live within the three depature terminals.

>> 34

John Wayne Airport service area spans 34 cities and incorporated areas ofOrangeCounty.


>> 35

The distance fromLos AngelestoOrangeCountyairport is 35 miles.


>> 600

Six hundred general aircraft parking spots operate at the airport inOrange County,CA.

>> 5700

The span of theJohnWayneInternationalAirportis 5700 feet.

>> 8456

At,Orange County Airport, there are 8486 parking spots

>> 8,609,008

In 2011, 8.6 million commercial passengers arrived and departed from the airport.


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