Even though travelers rave about the atmosphere at Orange County John Wayne Airport, frequent passengers may consider registering with the TSA PreCheck™ program.

In 2012, commercial passenger traffic  skyrocketed at SNA airport to 8.5 million travelers. While travel analysts had predicted a slowdown in flight travel, daily direct flights to Canada and Mexico are stimulating international travel via  the Orange County owned airport.

The airport is continuing to add on new flights, which means that more and more travelers will be passing through the southern California hub.

John Wayne Airport is the 35th international airport in the U.S. to join the Transportation Security Administration (TSA)’s pre check-in program for qualified passengers.

The eligibility requirements for Orange County John Wayne Airport’s TSA PreCheck™ program apply to passengers who are frequent travelers of the following airlines: Delta Air Lines, American Airlines, United Airlines, Alaska Airlines, and US Airways.

Currently, Southwest Airlines and  Frontier Airlines are two airlines with daily direct flights out of the airport that don’t offer frequent flier programs linked to the TSA PreCheck™

Recently, members of U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and Trusted Traveler programs have the eligibility requirements to join the PreCheck

Data point: The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) reports more than 5 million airline travelers have encountered the TSA PreCheck™ program

Orange County John Wayne Airport provides daily flights to Vancouver and Calgary.

Canadian citizens, holding a membership with NEXUS and traveling in the United States are eligible to participate in TSA PreCheck™.  At  www.globalentry.gov. Canadian travelers can apply for the  TSA PreCheck™ program in Orange County John Wayne Airport.

Do you have a TSA Pre Check In pass? Have you ever used it at  Orange County John Wayne Airport?

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