As concerns that Federal Government’s sequester could negatively impact travel, Orange County Airport International  passengers shuttling to or from have a number of tactics to prepare for the worst case scenario. Spring break, Easter and other vacationers should consider these defensive travel tips.

  • Pack extra light.

High travel times, such as Spring Break is when luggage snafus are more likely to happen. One very small carry on bag saves money and allows you to skip baggage lines. From flight delays, transfers to cancelations, one carry on bag offers the flexibility to remain in control of your possessions.

Turning over face and hair products to Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents because one is over the liquid limit hurts. Make note of the 3-to-1 rule. For carry-on bags, the TSA permits travelers three bottles with less than 3.4 ounces of liquid, contained  in a one quart clear bag.

Be sure to pack mobile devices and chargers. In the event you have to book another flight or man professional responsibilities, your communication device is accessible and chargeable.
Check flight status in advance.

Leave firearms and other weapons at home. According to the TSA’s blog, for the week of Feb 25, only 2 out of the 26 guns found in passenger carry on luggage were NOT loaded.

Prior to heading to the Orange County Airport International, check flight status at The official SNA Airport website also features a mobile friendly site as well.

  • Evaluate road construction.

While on the Orange County International Airport web site be sure to check for any construction updates. For almost a year, a major seismic project has been underway, causing bottlenecks around the parking lot of John Wayne Airport.

If the goverment sequester is underway, a U.S. Transportation secretary Ray LaHood said that TSA security could be delayed by two hours. To allow for the worst case scenario, arrive at the SNA Airport at least two and a half hours in advance.

  • Guard your identification.

Traveling without identification at Orange County International Airport, or any other U.S. airport for that matter, makes for a challenging takeoff. Store your identification in secure place.

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