Today, as Los Angeles International Airport police solved the dry ice bomb incidents, the government ended the shutdown. Because the dry ice bombs detonations took place in sections of LAX, accessible only to employees near the Tom Bradley International Terminal, investigators focused on employees.

After three days of investigating the LA Dry Ice bomb, Fox reported that police arrested a Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) baggage handler. The report also states that if someone had been close to the dry ice explosion in the restroom, the injuries could have hurt someone.

Orange County International Airport Terminal C

Orange County International Airport – Photo Courtesy of Improvement Program

The first LA dry ice bomb exploded at Sunday and another was found the following evening on Monday around 8:30 p.m, according to a report by the Los Angeles Times.

Although, no one was injured and there were minimal flight disruptions of normal airport activities, passengers should expect high security at all airports in California, including Orange County International Airport, San Diego Airport as well as other international and domestic airports.

Meanwhile, a blog post published on the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), website specified the terms of traveling with dry ice. Primarily, the U.S. Department of Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) sets the guidelines on boarding a flight with a dry ices.

In general, the FAA deems dry ice in a hazmat. Up to five pounds of dry ice is acceptable, depending on the airline’s carry on guidelines. However, the TSA reserves the right to confiscate any dry ice carry on they perceive to be a threat.

Although there are not any similar reports at SNA Airport (Orange County International Airport), or San Diego Airport, airline passenger should practice proactive
approaches to travel.

Arrive early to check in.

Be observant.

Always report any suspicious activity. features a video about  What happens when a dry ice bomb melts

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