In comparison to the mayhem and security seen at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), Orange County John Wayne Airport lags. However, over the last six months of the year more passengers have attempted to board flights, departing  from Orange County-SNA Airport with banned items than the rest of 2013.

Key findings provided by the U.S. Department of Transportation Security Administration show that  August and November 2013 as the popular months when passengers tried to board flights with weapons  at Orange County John Wayne Airport.

On August 16, 2013, a TSA agent discovered a throwing knife on an commercial traveler.

In August 30, 2013, someone tried to pass security with a sting ball grenade in carry on luggage. This is used for riot control and fuses.

While no passengers have  tried to board a flight with a bomb or digitally fabricated,  TSA  agents found an Airsoft gun on November 1st, 2013.

On November 7, 2013 TSA agents found a loaded 38 millimeter on a passenger planning to board a flight departing from Orange County SNA Airport.

Inert hand grenades and stun guns have been trending among popular carry on attempts at national and international airports, including  Orange County John Wayne Airport.

Orange County Airport made the  U.S. Transportation Security Administration’s report after a passenger tried to board a flight with a stun gun in November, following Thanksgiving. Although SNA airport was among 15 other airports where travelers tried to carry on a stun gun, LAX and Atlanta topped the number of incidents in November..

On November 25, another passenger was cited at Orange County John Wayne Airport for trying to board a flight with a loaded 9 millimeter. Twenty seven other loaded weapon carry on attempts transpired over the same period.

The penalty for traveling with a banned weapon carries a $7,500 penalty.

Moral of the story: Check the website for banned carry on weapons. And, if you must travel with a gun, knife or other weapon, be sure to check it in with your baggage.

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