Many people don’t realize that John Wayne International Airport has a tourist destination located right on the Airport grounds. Lyon Air Museum, the only Orange County aircraft museum, is home to educational exhibits including historical aircrafts and related memorabilia.

The museum, located on the west side of the Orange County Airport, was founded by Major General William Lyon, an Army Air Corp veteran of WWII and Korea, in 2009. Many of the artifacts are part of General Lyon’s personal collection.

The mission of the museum is to “provide a quality venue of inspiration where the stories of aviation’s past can touch the lives of its visitors”. The exhibits place an emphasis on the events of WWII and the role that the United States has played in shaping history.

Exhibits include rare authentic military aircrafts used in WWII as well as wars in Korea and Vietnam. A B-25 Mitchell Bomber is included in the collection, as is a Douglas A-26 “Invader”. Military automobiles and motorcycles, from both sides of the conflict, are on display along with the restored military aircrafts. There are also several video stations and a movie theater to further explain the WWII era. Volunteer docents, many of whom have flown similar aircrafts, are available daily for tours.

Check the official Lyon Air Museum site for information about hours and admission fees.


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