There are a number of ground transportation options at John Wayne Airport including over 500 different limousine companies. If you want to arrive at your destination in style you will be able to find an Orange County limo service which will meet your needs. Some limo rentals are comparable to taxi fees, and if you have a large number of people traveling together a limo could save you money.

Unlike with bus or taxi services at the airport, when using a limo service at the airport you will want to make reservations ahead of time. Planning ahead and making reservations will allow you to do your research to find the limousine company with the car you want to be seen in, whether it’s a Hummer limo, a luxury limo or a stretch party limousine.

When researching you’ll also want to be sure that the limo provider is licensed to pick up passengers at the John Wayne Airport. Any state-licensed limo company can drop passengers off at the Departure Level, but not all of them can pick up.

Be sure to ask what is included with the limousine service. Many of the limo companies will have a driver meet you in the baggage claim with a sign displaying your name. Some limo services have different billing methods and will tack on extra charges. This is not usually the case but it is wise to get the all-inclusive price so you know what the total fare will be ahead of time.

We suggest checking reviews of limo services, before making reservations, to ensure overall quality standards and satisfied customers.

When using a limo service, many travelers also ask the question, “Should we tip the limo driver?” Some limo companies include gratuity as part of the service so there is no need to tip unless the driver goes above and beyond and you feel the desire to give something extra. However, some companies do not include gratuity, in which case it is appropriate to tip 10-20%. Limo drivers are in a service industry just as a waiter or waitress and should be tipped accordingly. When making your reservation you can ask if gratuity is included so you can be prepared with the appropriate amount of cash if tipping is necessary.

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