John Wayne Airport

John Wayne Airport is located in Santa Ana, about 35 miles south of Los Angles in an unincorporated part of Orange County, California.

The airport is also sometimes referred to by its original name, Orange County Airport, but was named after the famous actor, John Wayne, in 1979.

The airport has two runways serving commercial as well as private aircrafts. Two small airport terminals are connected by a short walkway. Over 9 million passengers pass through John Wayne Airport annually. The airport is served by 11 commercial airlines and 2 commuter airlines. There are over 250 arrivals and departures daily offering non-stop flights to 18 US destinations.

John Wayne Airport offers several parking options which are all close and convenient and are open for both short and long-term parking. Terminal parking lots A1, A2, and B2 are positioned next to and opposite of the terminal. Curbside valet parking is accessible between terminals A and B. Parking Lot C is further from the terminals but has complimentary shuttle service to and from the terminal every 15 minutes. The Main Street Parking Lot is also located further from the terminal but is the least expensive parking option and has a free shuttle to the terminal every 15 minutes.

John Wayne Airport offers amenities such as ATM machines, Airport information booths, Interactive Visitor Center kiosks offering airport information, baggage carts, and a wide variety of concessions. Food services including fast food and cafes are located in both terminals and a food court area. The airport has gift stores, newspaper stands and other stores on hand as well.

Car rental agencies have counters at the John Wayne Airport. Other ground transportation offered at the airport includes taxis, buses, and shuttles to help you get to your destination.

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