John Wayne Airport Hotels

After a long airplane ride, you may want to rest in a hotel in Orange County. Some hotels in Orange County even provide courtesy shuttle service to and from John Wayne Airport. You may also find Orange County to be an enjoyable place to stay for part of a vacation. Orange County itself is not too far from Disneyland and the excitement of Anaheim.

However, there are many amazing places to stay close to Orange County. Los Angeles is only 35 miles North of the airport, so if you want to get a hotel there, the travel time is not unreasonable. Similarly, Long Beach is West of Orange County, so if you’re in California for a beach vacation, it may be worth your time to just get a hotel in Long Beach and start your day there early in the morning. Also, since Anaheim is not so far from Orange County, if you have a Disneyland vacation and you’re looking for a cool place for restaurants and nightlife, you may have better luck with Anaheim hotels than with Orange County hotels. There are rental car agencies, buses, and taxis conveniently located in the airport to make traveling across land very easy.